Woman Got Caught On Camera Flicking Her Bean In Public, This Time At A Starbucks


Just six days ago we were treated to video of a woman putting a sex toy to good use in public at a gas station and now we’ve got a woman double-clicking her mouse in a Starbucks for all to see. What is up, ladies?

As you will see in the video below, a woman was just chilling upstairs by a window with who we presume to be her boyfriend. Because they were on an upper floor one has to assume they didn’t think they could be seen. Bro was filming the whole thing on his phone underneath the table, by the way.

At one point you can see someone walk by beneath the window, oblivious to the action taking place just a few yards away. Poor sucker, just like the guy at the gas station, he had no idea how his day could have change if he’d just looked around.


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