Women Dies After Receiving Butt Injections


EDMUNDSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) – A 22-year-old woman died days after she and three other women received illegal buttock injections in a hotel room near Lambert Airport. Daysha Phillips’ family said she felt ill almost immediately after the procedure and died four days later.

“The victim went into respiratory distress, it was determined by family members what had occurred that could have led up to it,” said Chief Miklos Hurocy of the Edmundson Police Department. “They added two and two together and we were notified.”

Police said they do not yet know how much Phillips and the three other women paid to get the injections in a hotel room at the Drury Inn in Edmundson, or what exact substance was injected into the women.

The illegal procedure, and occasional subsequent deaths, are not as rare as one might think, according to Dr. Richard Moore, medical director of The Lifestyle Center. Dr. Moore said illegal injection or silicone, or even “Fix a Flat” tire inflator is something he hears about on a regular basis.

“There are people who are actually advised not to go to the hospital by the person who did the injection and ended up dying. It’s not that uncommon of an occurrence with these type of injections,” said Dr. Moore.

It could be up to three weeks before the St. Louis County Medical Examiner’s Office can determine what was injected into Phillips. Meanwhile, police are working to gather information from the surviving victims and to track down any suspects from the hotel’s surveillance footage.

“We’re trying to look at photographs, videos and identify suspects in the case,” said Chief Hurocy. “Now we’re just trying to follow the leads that we have.”

Out of the four women who received the illegal injections that day, Phillips was the only victim with serious complications.

In a similar case which occurred in Dallas in February the suspect was charged with murder.


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