VIDEO: Woman Tries To Run Over Parents With Car, Goes On 100-MPH Police Chase, Strips Naked To Avoid Arrest


Simone Gonzalez is a woman who likes to live life by flying by the seat of her pants, but it appears that she doesn’t always like wearing pants, especially when she is being arrested for a litany of really, really naughty activities.

The 32-year-old woman from Pasadena, California vandalized her parent’s home and then attempted to kill them by trying to run them over with a car (Which is such an unsettling paradox to fathom, the human being that you gave life to and nurtured to adulthood is now trying to end your existence). Good ole mom and pop didn’t appreciate their daughter trying to murder them so they called the police at around 10:30 on Friday night.

The California Highway Patrol tracked her down, but she then took them on an hours-long pursuit that reached speeds of 100-MPH down freeways, which is pretty impressive when you think about L.A. traffic. Finally the police chase ended in downtown Los Angeles, where she parked her truck near a bar.

Television cameras found Gonzalez and asked her why she ran away from the police and she had a totally legitimate reason:

“Ran from what? Ran where, sir? I am a trained policeman…You are a legal slave trader. I am with the police, everywhere.”

When police went to arrest the woman she pulled a very curious move, she stripped naked.

Pasadena PD said Gonzalez was medically cleared before she was booked for assault with a deadly weapon, reckless driving, felony evading and possibly felony vandalism.

Damn. I really thought the strip naked maneuver would have cleared her of the charges. Stripping nude certainly makes me forget about all wrongdoings that a woman may have done to me.

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