Woman Sets Man’s Car On Fire


Sandy Springs police suspect a female arsonist is responsible for setting a vehicle on fire on Roswell Road.

Officers were dispatched to the 8000 block of Roswell Road October 12. When officers arrived, the vehicle fire had been extinguished by Sandy Springs Fire personnel.

Surveillance video shows a car burning after being set on fire. CBS46 reporter Vince Sims tracked down the owner. He didn’t want to be identified because the arsonist is still on the run.

“When I seen my car I didn’t even recognize it anymore because the only thing left of my car was the shell you know what I mean,” the owner said. “It had been burned completely. I don’t know what their intent was or somebody trying to hurt me or what you know?”

The video shows a woman knocked to the ground after the explosion. Police believe the arsonist is a woman because she picks up a purse before running away.

“There’s an explosion from the gasoline can, they also have a gasoline can in their hand and you can see an explosion,” Sandy Springs Sergeant Ron Momon said. “That person is knocked back probably five to ten feet from the explosion.”

The car that was set on fire was also dangerous because of how close it was to the building. The heat from the fire caused the paint on the door to blister.

“It could have spread,” Momon said. “Could have pretty much engulfed the whole building something easy like that could have happened and engulf the whole building. The person trying to light the fire they could have been fully engulfed.”

The car owner doesn’t know why anyone would target him.

“Why would anybody do anything in that manner,” the owner asked. “You know what I mean. I’m not, I don’t bother nobody. I work hard. I go to work everyday and come home.”

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