Woman Says Man Recorded Video Up Her skirt At Target Store


ACWORTH, Ga. — Police are searching for a man who is accused of taking cellphone video up the skirts of women shopping at a Cobb County Target store.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, said she was in the card isle when she caught him.

She told Channel 2’s Liz Artz she felt the phone touch her thigh, she confronted him and then called police.

“It’s so gross such an invasion of privacy,” the woman said.

Police released a surveillance picture of the man they said he drove to an Acworth Target store off Cobb Parkway in a red or maroon 4-door sedan and used a cellphone to take pictures or videos up the skirt of at least one female shopper.

“He had brushed up against the inside of my thigh. The camera was upside down and the flash was on,” the woman said. “It’s so bold that who knows what else they’re capable of.”

The woman said she first noticed the man, who she describes as tall, well built and bald, in the women’s shoe section of the store.

It was in the card aisle where she says he went in for the snapshot.

“He was profusely sweating in his arm pit area. To me he was pretty nervous,” the woman said.

After she confronted him she said he took off. She reported the incident still amazed he would be so bold with so much surveillance.

“If he was dumb enough to slip up like this, I think it’s a matter of time before he gets caught again doing something like this,” the woman said.

Police are asking if anyone recognizes the man to call Acworth police immediately.


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