VIDEO: Viral video gets man fired from Del Taco owned by father


An expletive-laced conversation between the manager of a Valley Del Taco and a pair of drive-thru customers who did what many do in this age of social media — hit the record button — has not only gone viral online, it got the manager fired.

Vimeo user Kobe D posted the video, titled “Confrontation between Del Taco drive thru and customers who didn’t get their sauce,” on April 27. In those two days the nearly 3-minute clip racked up more than 90,000 views and became a “staff pick.”

Kobe D does not have a user profile on Vimeo and only joined the service the day before posting the clip. He or she has not posted any other videos and did not write anything about the “Confrontation” clip so there is no context for what happened.

It’s not clear how it all started or what prompted the customers — a man and a woman — to record the interaction, but within the first few seconds, you can clearly see the man working the drive-thru window flip them off.

“I don’t give a [expletive], bro,” the man said with a smile when he came to the window.

He claimed to be the manager of the restaurant. When the customers said they would send the video to his boss and that he might be fired for his behavior, he clearly did not think it would ever happen.

“I am the boss,” he replied. “My dad’s actually the [expletive] owner so good luck with that.”

“Dude, I’ve done this a billion times,” he continued in response to the woman saying the restaurant could be closed down. “You guys give me [shit] all the [expletive] time. … I’m not talking about you specifically. I’m talking about you as a customer.”

Clearly confident in his position — apparently a mistake given that he was fired — the man asked how long the conversation was going to go on.

“So how long you guys wanna do this? Like five minutes? An hour? I can do this all [expletive] day. But like in reality, it’s the same [expletive] outcome. Why? Because you got your sauces and you guys are still being [expletive], and I’m [expletive] ticked off ’cause I still got orders.”

The male customer countered.

“If you hate your job so bad, why don’t you quit?”

“This is my [expletive] fortune right here,” the manager answered, gesturing to the restaurant.

The conversation, such as it was, continued for about another minute or so until the customers drove away right after the woman called the manager “young and dumb.”

The last thing you hear on the clip is the man in the vehicle saying, “Wow.”

Dozens of Facebook users shared the video on the official Del Taco page. Base on those posts, it looks like the video was originally titled “Don’t eat at Del Taco 91Ave & Peoria.” That title is the only indication of where the confrontation happened.

It’s not clear when or why the title was changed.

Del Taco responded to some of the Facebook posts.

“We strive to provide a positive guest experience at all of our restaurants and were appalled by this behavior as it is not representative of our high guest service standards. We took this incident very seriously and addressed it with the location’s franchisee, who took definitive action by terminating the employee immediately.”

It’s the exact same verbiage the company released through Powerhouse Public Relations.

While Del Taco responded to some of the posts on Facebook, there was no mention of the video or the employee’s firing on Del Taco’s timeline when this story was last updated.

We have called the Del Taco at 91st and Peoria avenues several times, but nobody has answered the phone.

Del Taco is based in California, and has been around since 1964.

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