Villa Rica Residents Say Fishy Smell Is Back In Their Drinking Water


VILLA RICA, Ga. — Villa Rica residents are raising concerns over their water. They tell Channel 2’s Carl Willis that the water is cloudy and has a foul odor.

Willis first reported the story in November, and city officials said the problem was fixed.

Now the problem is back and the mayor says the City Council wants residents to pay even more for the water.

“Smells like a wet dog,” is how Villa Rica resident Katlyn Ross describes the water. “My mom has had to throw away clothes because it’s soured some of our laundry.”

Villa Rica Mayor J. Allen Collins said the water quality is unacceptable.

“It was there for a month, then it went away for two weeks, then it came back three or four days ago,” Ross said.

Collins told Willis he’s getting that sour, and at times, fishy, water in his house too. That’s part of what led him to go to the City Council to call for a rebate for affected customers.

“If we’re not providing a quality product, then we don’t need to be charging a premium price for it,” Collins said.

But his request was dismissed.

“That was a terrible mistake,” Collins said.

According to Villa Rica City Manager David Milliron, the city is going through a flushing program and says that can lead to sediment entering homes, causing cloudy water.

He says iron and manganese in surface water can build up in water heaters and cause water to taste and smell bad.

But he says the water was tested and is safe to drink.

Despite the complaints, the City Council recently voted to increase the water rate around 5 percent.

“I think that adds insult to injury,” Collins said.

Residents like Ross say they’re left to deal with foul water.

“I think it’s worse this time,” Ross said.

Milliron said a flush of your water heater could solve the problem, but the mayor says that’s just one more additional cost for customers.

Collins said he will veto the water rate increase.


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