VIDEO: Worst Musical Training Video Ever


They should at least win points for originality.

A chain of novelty shops in Alaska is bringing laughs to the Internet with a viral training video that’s so bad you can’t take your eyes off it.

“It was supposed to be really hokey, over-the-top corny,” Hillary Fisher, Once in a Blue Moose’s office manager, told the Daily News. “All of our training videos are injected with a little life.”

The clip, complete with cheesy music and oddly rhyming raps, begins with two employees standing behind a counter wearing aprons bearing the Anchorage store’s name.

“Selling is service,” says one of the women, as another perkily chimes in “… and service is selling.”

The motivational video then cuts to a man showing off his dance skills, which aren’t exactly worthy of the Great White Way.


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