VIDEO: The Craziest Waffle House Fight Ever


Waffle House is known for being open 24-hours a day, no matter what even if there’s a twister or some other calamity. The other thing Waffle House is known for being the fight arena for rowdy drunkards everywhere. There are over 1,700 Waffle House locations around this great nation and since they’re open around the clock that means that drunks will seek refuge and comfort food to ward off a debilitating hangover. And sometimes two inebriated individuals meet up and don’t see eye-to-eye as in this occasion.

We take you to Tampa Bay, Florida, which is shocking I know. Things get heated right around the 1-minute mark after some demeaning back-and-forth. Then one of the men unleashes a punch and then takes him down to the ground. After a minute of fighting, there was a man who comes racing out of nowhere to slam a stool on the two fighters. The third man throws punches as the other two fellas wrestle.

Then there’s this polite gentleman who saunters across the restaurant as to not get in the way of the camera as if it was recording a Hollywood blockbuster.

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