VIDEO: Idiot lights firework under his chin


A wannabe-daredevil needed five stitches after pointing a lit firework directly underneath his chin, causing him to singe his beard.
Zac, from Decatur, Indiana, got his friends to film him while he held an exploding Roman Candle firework at face.
The video begins with him telling the camera that he is about to play ‘Russian roulette’, although it is unclear what he means by this, since he points the lit firework directly under his chin.

‘I’m about to play Russian Roulette,’ laughs Zac as he dons his swimming goggles.
His friend tells him that his goggles and glasses look ‘completely’ f***ed up’ as the others stand and jeer.
He says again to camera: ‘I’m about to play Russian roulette with a Roman Candle.’
The cameraman warns him: ‘Remember to point it away dude.’
But Zac takes no notice, and after his friend kindly lights the fuse, he holds the smoking tip directly under his chin.

The firework begins to sizzle but the man resolutely holds it close to his face.
Then – unsurprisingly – the firework lets off a dramatic explosion and hits him square in the face.
He lets out an ‘Oh!’ noise and drops the Roman Candle in pain.
But the offending firework continues to explode on the grass nearby while his friends tentatively come over to see if he is okay.
Zac – who is now covered in powder with blood all over his beard – appears to be shaking and asks the camera: ‘How bad was that?’

The cameraman reassures him that it was ‘really good’ but adds that he is ‘definitely bleeding’.
He asks: ‘How bad’ to which his friend replies: ‘It’s dripping’.
After some careful examining, his friend confirms that he has gash in his chin. The hair surrounding the gash is singed and is soaked in blood.
He wanders over to a car to look at the cut in a rear view mirror but orders the cameraman to continue filming.
Having looked in the mirror, he also confirms that he has a gash in his beard and suggests that he should maybe go to the hospital to ‘see what they say’.
Injured Zac says that the explosion was ‘brutal’ and says that his whole head hurts. He adds that it is the ‘craziest thing he has done in a long time’.
He tells his friend: ‘I didn’t think it was gonna hurt that bad dude,’ and continues to moan.
But his friend reassures him that he got most of it on SnapChat.
The final shot reveals that Zac had to have five stitches.

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