VIDEO: ‘Bernie Bae’ Is the Latest and Greatest Viral Video of the Campaign Season


Remember the 2008 YouTube sensation, “I’ve Got a Crush…on Obama”? Of course you do. It was massive! The woman who wrote the song, Leah Kauffman, has discovered a formula for success and sticks to it, emerging every four years with a new tune to sing all the way to the polling place.

This year, she just dropped “Bernie Bae,” a song and accompanying music video all about how much she loves Bernie Sanders. In it, she gyrates as she belts, “I’m ‘berning’ up for you, it’s never gonna stop. You’re much more than a human Birkenstock…”

The melody is reminiscent of Charli XCX‘s “Doing It” and the video has an EDM vibe that might have been ever-so-slightly more on-trend in non-election year 2014. There’s also a Lil Jon hat-tip with the “Bern down for what?” line and Jason Derulo gets his, too, with the “Talk Bernie to me!” refrain.

References to the pair’s shared Judaism and personal policies are peppered with fun lines about the candidate’s Vermont-based origins and white hair. Check out the video above and get ready to hear this jam a lot for the next few months.

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