Vandals Hit More Than A Dozen Homes, Cars In Metro Neighborhoods


Henry County, Ga.-Vandels hit 17 homes, leaving offensive messages, including racial slurs, in Henry County Friday evening.

Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach got a look at the vandalism before neighbors started cleaning up. Police were investigating overnight and taking photographs.

Most of the graffiti is now gone, written in washable paint or car window chalk, not spray paint.
But it’s what was written that makes this so disturbing.

Most were sexually explicit drawings or sayings. A handful of the 17 homes hit had racist words or symbols.

The vandalism included cars with the letters KKK, another with the N-word with a swastika and one garage door had the N-word written in big bold red letters.

One homeowner pulled in around 11 p.m. Friday to find the vandalism.

“I just broke down,” Kathy Holt said. “I was boo-hoo crying to her. Because in 2015 I’m not expecting this. This is some old school stuff that goes on back in the day, so wasn’t expecting it.”

Police are still investigating, but neighbors think it was a group of teens who either live in the neighborhood or are familiar with it.


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