UGA fan offers to be date for National Championship game


ATLANTA – With tickets for the big game between Georgia and Alabama going for thousands of dollars, fans all across the country are thinking of unique ways that they can get a chance to see the championship in-person.

Atlanta resident and lifelong ‘Dawgs fan Kim Tanaka desperately wanted to see her team play, so she turned to Facebook for help.

“I really really want to go to the game, and of course I didn’t start trying to get a ticket until Georgia won,” Kim explained. She’s an Atlanta native, went to UGA, and has been a fan of the team since she was 4 years old.

She said a talking about her PROBLEM with some friends on Saturday night led to the brilliant idea.

“One of my friends said ‘go down and wear a sign on your neck saying you’ll be someone’s date to the game’ and that kind of snowballed into this thing,” Kim said.

Before she knew it, one of her friends had written the sign and has taken the photo. “It’s just hilarious,” she said. “If it works or not, what do I have to lose?”


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