Uber Passenger Falls Asleep in West Virginia and Wakes Up to $1,600 Bill in New Jersey


Kenny Bachman was enjoying a night of partying in West Virginia in late February when he drunkenly called an Uber for a lift back home. While this is typically the responsible thing to do, the problem for Bachman was that he lived almost 300 miles away.

The 21-year-old’s wild night started when he hitched a ride to West Virginia to drink and hang with his high school friends who went off to college. After partying at a frat house and spending some $200 at a club, Bachman figured it was time to go home, so he called an Uber XL (an option the company offers for groups up to six people) to pick him up. But he doesn’t remember any of this, he says, because he blacked out before the 2011 Toyota Sienna minivan arrived.


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