TomorrowWorld To Offer Refunds To People Kept Out of Event


SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Organizers for TomorrowWorld announced Sunday morning it will only be accessible to visitors currently camping at DreamVille.
Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach talked to some who just had tickets for the third day that drove from as far away as New Jersey and Miami.
Others are packing up and trying to get out before conditions get worse, too much mud and standing water.
The problems really blew up overnight Saturday when TomorrowWorld stopped running shuttle buses, stranding many people.

Gehlbach talked with one festival goer who said there were thousands sleeping on the sides of roads, hiking for miles, left in the middle of nowhere without no food, water, shelter and many not properly dressed or equipped to spend the night outside in cold, wet conditions.
Channel 2’s Matt Johnson spoke to people who traveled from another state to attend TomorrowWorld, but were kept out of the event.
Karmen Respicio and Kendele Chapman drove to Atlanta from Chattanooga, Tennessee.
“We spent a thousand dollars to get here and drove two and a half hours,” Chapman said.
The three-day festival will go on Sunday for its last day, but only for the 40,000 people camping out on-site at what’s called DreamVille.
Others are being turned away.
“We drive back to Miami, or find somewhere else to party in Atlanta since we’re up here, but it’s not what we came for,” Richard Jackson said. “We came for the music. That’s all we really came for.”
“We’re here just for tonight and trying to get a refund because nothing we can do go home,” Cana Noel said.
“They’re charging $500 per person, how could they not accommodate the people’s needs,” Respicio said. “I wouldn’t spend my money on this again.”
TomorrowWorld has released it’s official refund policy for Sunday tickets and visitors who had issues Saturday:
The following Sunday tickets will be refunded entirely and automatically, including service, shipping and payment fees:
Sunday Regular/Comfort Pass
Sunday 1-day upgrade Comfort
Sunday Parking Pass
Sunday Shuttle Pass
Sunday Locker Pass
Sunday TomorrowWorld Restaurant Voucher
1/3 of a Full Madness Regular/Comfort Pass (without DreamVille)
1/3 of 3-day upgrade Full Madness Comfort
1/3 of 3-day Parking Pass
1/3 of 3-day Shuttle Pass
1/3 of 3-day Locker Pass


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