This NFL Prospect Was Asked How He Would Murder Someone During A Pre-Draft Interview


NFL teams invest a ton prior to the draft, getting as much info as possible on a prospect and making sure that the player is worthy of the millions of dollars the team is about to pay him.

But, don’t you think that some of the process is a little bit much? I mean, it’s clearly not an exact science, otherwise there wouldn’t be flameouts like Johnny Manziel and others who don’t have their shit together.

Regardless of my opinion, NFL scouts and coaches will still dig as deep as they can to pick apart a player’s personality, evaluating the kid on more than just athletic ability alone—and one guy, former LSU safety Jalen Mills, may have been asked the most insane question ever during a pre-draft interview.

According to an interview with CBS Sports, Mills said a team ask, “If you wanted to kill a guy, would you kill him with a gun or a knife?”

Wait, what the fuck? Is there a right and wrong answer to that, or can we just pass? According to Mills, the team actually did have an answer it was looking for, saying, “If you choose the knife, now you’re killing for fun.”

I guess the team used The Dark Knight as reference material.

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