Texas Man Tries To Kill Armadillo, Claims Bullet Bounced Off Shell And Hit Him In Head


MARIETTA, Texas — A Texas man took a bullet to the jaw after firing several rounds at armadillo at 3 a.m. in East Texas.
Samuel Ebert was treated at Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler, Texas, for a fractured jaw which he claimed was the result of a bullet bouncing off the hard shell of an armadillo. The 52-year-old Texan said he fired three times at the animal and one of bullets bounced back and struck him.

Law enforcement officials are skeptical. Sheriff Larry Rowe speculated that the bullet probably bounced off a rock.
“We got tough armadillos out here. But they’re not that tough,” Rowe told the Daily News.

The armadillo was never located.

This is the second armadillo-related gun accident this year.


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