Speak & Spell Voice Mail

We've discovered Google translates voice mails with accents...poorly. That's why we setup a Google Voice line you can call and leave us a message and we'll read the translation on air in a game we call "Speak and Spell Voice Mail". Call 404-500-9533

Google Voice Translation: Ohh hey sweetie. Just figured I'd call you and see how you doing thinking about you, and then short just me and Jesse around here picking me and Jessica having a good time. Just thinking about you. Yeah, come on. Now sure I got to talk to the cops.
Google Voice Translation: No was your retain ice tray to leave a message there lot because if I can I can do it an irish, it's quite. Easy alright good day in school. It had been calling to tell you. Let you know if I don't matter what the bang boy you just got again around there sometime get it going spit in Norcross if you can just slide right on into that voicemail son. It ain't going to cost you a damn thing, but now when it comes around to it. I can go between this whole good old Southern boy or I can get on out there. He's freaking. I understand cuz he's he's going to cost us up a demo. All you have to do is get around to it, but does that my other phone because we love you.
Google Voice Translation: Hey, Ben. I just want to let you know man. I'm coming man. Who I play with County and I got the same boat if whatever's more food bush and travel fans down there, man. I'm fat old bag of war Militant bolts. I defended 5 and I think there's a whole order, and I don't know what the hell's going on, but yeah, just a heads up man. It's been been ready to go to court matter squad purpose, but I wrote down at lambs County and you had it ready to go man say you was outside. You'll get this stuff together. Okay. Give me later.