Sikh NFL Fans Say They Were Initially Refused Entry to Game, Told to Take Turbans Off


A group of Sikhs say they were initially not allowed into a recent NFL game in San Diego between the Chargers and the Broncos due to their turbans.

Verinder Malhi told 10News that they were informed by security that they wouldn’t be allowed in unless they took their turbans off.

They were eventually allowed in, but he claims that they were told they can’t wear turbans the next time they show up.

He called it “embarrassing” and said, “You’re not supposed to be afraid of fellow Americans.”

And in addition to that, police inspected their car after someone called them after reporting men with turbans fiddling with something in the trunk of their car and walking away.

The police cleared the car. Malhi said they were just putting away a bag they couldn’t bring with them.


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