Several Dozen Cremated Remains Found At Storage Facility


ATLANTA — The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is leading the case after someone found the cremated remains of 50 people in a storage unit.

The GBI’s medical examiner and agents were at the unit at the Store Here storage facility on Tara Boulevard for several hours Monday.

When customers heard what agents were investigating, theysome of them told Channel 2’s Tom Jones that it spooked some of them.

It’s really strange,” customer Tai Oki told Jones. “If I had known something like this is actually going on here, I would not be here.”

Jones talked to the man who rents the unit wherein which the remains were found. When heJones tried to find out how the remains got there, the man would only say, “I was just taking care of the ashes cause Mr. Dixon is in a nursing home.”

Agents with the GBI told Jones the remains came from the Pope Dixon Funeral Home. The funeral home is no longer open, and a wedding and events center is now in its place. The former owner is in a nursing home.

The GBI said a friend of someone who rents the unit called them and alerted agents about the remains.

“We suspect that these were remains that could have been at the funeral home that were not claimed,” said Nelly Miles, with the GBI.

The GBI’s medical examiner spent most of the day cataloging the remains. The remains date from 1967 to 2011.

The agency said the case is only a fact finding-finding mission right now.

“I do want to stress at this particular time there is no criminal investigation,” Miles said.

It all made for some uneasy customers.

“That is scary. I’m really, really scared right now,” Oki said.

The GBI said the case could turn into a criminal investigation once they get more information.

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