Richie Sambora Tells Rock 100.5 WNNX’s Bailey and Southside What Bon Jovi Song He Hated To Play


June 13th, 2018 (Atlanta, Ga) – Wednesday morning Richie Sambora, former lead guitarist of Bon Jovi, joined Rock 100.5 FM Atlanta/WNNX’s Bailey and Southside. Sambora and his girlfriend Orianthi, just released the debut album of their new group, RSO.

During this 20 minute interview Sambora tells Rock 100.5 FM Atlanta hosts Jason Bailey and Southside Steve what the vibe was like at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, if he would rather be on the road with Bon Jovi, and the one song he hated to play while touring with the band.

Host Jason Bailey asks Richie if he would rather be on the road with Bon Jovi rather than working on his new RSO project. Richie quickly replies, “No. Absolutely not. I’m a singer, I want to sing. People they don’t know that yet, so hopefully we’re going to educate them with this record. We’re like Sonny and Cher on steroids.”

Bailey then questions Sambora, “How was it at the [Rock & Roll] Hall of Fame when Howard Stern inducted you in, what was the vibe, was it weird? Was that the pinnacle of your career? Is that something you always wanted?”. He bluntly says, “No. I’ve never even thought about it. It wasn’t on my mind at all.” He continues, “We did make a lot of people happy. 30 years touring. So eh, I felt it was deserved at that point, in a very humble manner. The best thing about it was I had my daughter and mother right next to me. That was the cool part. Then Howard starts talking about my penis…”.

“Is there a song with Bon Jovi, after all those years, that you did not like to play on stage? That you just weren’t a fan of?”, Bailey asks. Richie begins to sing, “Ooooooh She’s a little runaway.” Co-host Southside Steve surprisingly says, “You didn’t like Runaway?!”. He responds, “Not because I didn’t write it. Because I love doing covers. But you gotta understand something, we’re out there, we’re opening for like Scorpions and Judas Priest. And we’re going ‘Ooooooh She’s a little runaway.’ Uh, no.” He continues to say that Bon Jovi was evolving and that was something that came first, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

RSO’s debut album “Radio Free America” is available now everywhere and on digital platforms.

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