Residents Find Sex Paraphernalia Outside Their Homes


Residents in one northeast Atlanta apartment complex have been dealing with a disturbing mess outside their door.
We’re pretty sick of this,” said John Trimper.

Among the belongings are furniture, trash and clothes and it has been out at the Sloan Square Apartments ever since one of its residents got evicted last week.

“Broken glass, it’s garbage, everyday it smells,” said Trimper.

But it’s not just the fact that it’s a nasty, smelly, rummage or that it’s taking up five parking spots.

Also visible within the mess are sex books, adult toys and all sorts of other paraphernalia.

“It’s disgusting,” said resident Alyssa Ward.

Residents say they’ve complained to management, but nearly a week since the eviction, nothing had been done to clean up the mess.

Apartment manager Collin Ogg told CBS46 that legally they’ve had to give the former resident evicted at least a week to reclaim his belongings.

“We are well aware of the issue,” said Ogg.

Minutes after this story aired on CBS46, management was seen cleaning up the trashy mess.

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