Protesters Call For Dry Cleaner’s Shut Down Over Racist Comments


People are planning to protest Ben Hill Custom Cleaners for the foreseeable future, because they believe the owner made racist comments to a customer in a video uploaded to You Tube.
People have been in front of Ben Hill Custom Cleaners telling customers not to do business there.
The owner, Amin Chaudry, told Channel 2’s Matt Johnson he has been in business for 20 years and the daily protests have hurt his business. The business owner says he is apologetic over comments made in the video.
Andy Foster is the man who uploaded the video and has been among the crowd of people hoping the owner sells the business and leaves the community.
In the You Tube video the owner used profanity while talking to Foster and tells him black people are more prejudiced than anybody else.
“There’s nowhere that you should be able to spend your money and people talk to you like you’re less of a human,” Foster said.
Chaudry said the incident happened Friday, and before the camera began to record, Chaudry and Foster were in a dispute because Foster used his cell phone on Chaudry’s property.
Chaudry says he has a lawyer and plans to take legal action.
Foster says if anyone should be suing it should be him, especially since this all took place in front of his 10-year-old son.


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