POLL: Did Steve Overreact While Getting A Ticket?


This weekend Southside Steve was pulled over for running a light. Watch the video below and let us know if you think he handled it correctly or if he overreacted and was rude to the police officer.

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  1. Concerned citizen 16 April, 2018 at 17:24 Reply

    I feel that I need to comment on this article, mainly due to the fact that many many drivers around here have a similar “I’m not doing anything wrong” attitude. I live off GA141. It is terribly dangerous at intersections these days. Someone just lost their life Saturday at the Sharon Road intersection because a driver turned left under yellow… Right into a motorcycle. Traffic is a problem, and the light cycles can be annoying to sit through, but Steve get off your damn high horse buddy. The failure of Moody drivers is that they believe they have the right away, and/or some right to get through the intersections before a light turns red. It’s called blocking the intersection, and it is not just illegal but dangerous as well. Let’s not forget the picture posted by the officer showing that you were not only in the intersection under red, but while the officers light had already turned green. Be an example and use your influence to spread the word to slow down. Wasting time out of your day, how about the family who under different circumstances needs to take time to attend a funeral. I’m not immune to behaving the same way in the past, or when I might be more aggressive when in a rush, but just because it’s the acceptable norm to break “useless” rules doesn’t make it right. I’m on my soap box because there have been three separate fatalities in the past 2 years right outside my door. You’d be foolish to not recognize eventually that we all have some blame when we only see “others” making the mistake but not ourselves. People treating right on red without watching for U-turners, turning left rushing yellows, speeding while changing lanes with traffic trying to merge, and making right/left hand turns into the far lane (as opposed to the lane you are in) are making a busy road more dangerous by the day. I beg everyone reading this to take just a moment to think of every time they do this, and realize that if your in the wrong but yelling at the guy you almost hit, you probably don’t even know the rules of the road. Everyone be safe, and at the very least, try to have this discussion with at least one other person you know… Whatever your position is on the subject. It would do a great service just to start the conversation.

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