Police Warn If You Get These In Your Trick-Or-Treat Bag, They’re Not Candy


JACKSON, Miss. — Police are posting warnings for this Halloween, telling parents to look closely at what children bring home after trick-or-treating.
The Jackson Police Department posted a photo of what appears to look like candy with images of dice, superheroes and movie companies, but that is in reality pills that could be dangerous if a child ingests them, WLBT reported.

The items are actually shaped Ecstasy, WLBT reported.
The fear of children getting the pills, the idea of putting a cartoon character, or kid-friendly image on the drugs is not anything new, snopes.com reported.
Snopes also found there has been no reports of a child actually receiving the drugs in their trick-or-treat candy.
Police suggest “When in doubt, throw it out” when it comes to kids’ Halloween candy.


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