Police Track Down Man Involved In Kindergarten Braw


CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — It was supposed to be a Thurgood Marshall Elementary School student’s moment to shine.
The 6-year-old girl was graduating from kindergarten, and her family was at the school to celebrate her shining achievement.
Instead, the night ended with her father in jail, her mother’s estranged boyfriend on the run, a child injured, and her graduation ceremony delayed for about an hour as police had to break up a violent fight between the two men.
“This was a serious incident. Someone’s child was hurt, and the fact that they fought at school graduation, where little children were their enjoying their day. Unacceptable,” Maj. Alan Parker, with the Clayton County School police, told Channel 2’s Tom Jones.
This incident happened in May, but police said Jarke Barnes had been hiding from them and wouldn’t come in to speak with them about the incident.
The girl’s father, Rodrick Glenn, was arrested, but he said he didn’t start the fight.
He said Barnes was mean-mugging him and hit him first.
Glenn said what hurts the most is the fight ruined his daughter’s day.
He says he talked to her and she seemed to understand it wasn’t his fault. “She was like daddy I’m not mad. But he did start it with you,” Glenn said.
The judge gave Barnes a $6,000 bond and told him to stay away from the school.


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