Police Chief Ousted After Calling Black Lives Matter a ‘Terrorist Group’


SURF CITY, N.C. — A North Carolina police chief is out of a job after he called Black Lives Matter a “terrorist group” in a controversial Facebook post.
According to The Associated Press, Surf City’s town council voted Tuesday to approve the retirement of Police Chief Mike Halstead.
Halstead said he was forced out.

“I was thrown under the bus for expressing my 1st amendment rights and speaking the truth and concerns for law enforcement,” he wrote early Wednesday on Facebook.
The move came after Halstead was criticized for his Sept. 3 Facebook post slamming the Black Lives Matter movement.
“This Black Lives Matter group is nothing more than an American born terrorist group brought on by the lie of the ‘hands up don’t shoot’ during the criminal thug Michael Brown incident,” he reportedly wrote in the post, which was later deleted.
“I have instructed my officers to be vigilant, if threatened take appropriate action,” he also wrote. “If that means shoot a thug, then do it and answer for it while you are still alive not dead.”


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