Phoenix police coax man from roof with doughnuts


PHOENIX — A man who ran from Phoenix police and holed up on the roof of a motel wouldn’t come down until his demands were met, police said Tuesday.

His demands: three jelly-filled, powdered doughnuts and a bottle of milk.

It happened at a Motel 6 at Black Canyon Highway and Northern about 7 a.m. Police say it started when they were investigating a shoplifting at a nearby Walgreens.

They found a car at the motel they believed to be the perpetrators’, and one of their suspects ran, ending up on the roof of the motel, according to police.

He refused to come down until he got the items he wanted. One of the officers, Lt. David Adams, went in search of the specified confections. After striking out at one shop, Adams was able to get a man working at a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts shop to specially make the doughnuts.

Police were able to get them to the suspect, who they say ate them and then came down without incident.

Officers say the man had a warrant for parole violation and told them he did not want to return to prison.

Police say he threw some items off the roof, but wasn’t targeting officers.


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