PD: Doris Payne, International Jewel Thief, Captured Stealing Earrings


An elderly woman who is widely known as an international jewel thief was arrested in an Atlanta store.

Police said in a Facebook post on Tuesday that Doris Marie Payne, 85, was arrested for shoplifting inside the Christian Dior store at Phipps Plaza last week. They said she placed a pair of earrings in her pocket and left the store without paying. Payne’s attorney denies the allegations.

After her arrest, police found that Payne had an active warrant for shoplifting in North Carolina as well.

Payne is out of jail on bond. CBS46 was the only news crew on scene when she was released from the Fulton County Jail.

“Walking through the mall, I did something wrong. I have to say, that’s it,” said Payne as she spoke exclusively with CBS46 News.

A trial date for her latest arrest has not been set.

“A career criminal”

Previous media reports, and the Atlanta Police, call Payne a career criminal whose modus operandi was to trick unsuspecting clerks in jewelry stores into showing her various diamond rings and, in the process, confuse them to the point that they forgot how many items they’d taken out to show. Payne would then take an item.

One report alleges she tried to, at 83 years old, steal a $40,000 ring in California.

Payne reportedly admitted to stealing jewels from Paris, Monaco and Tokyo.

“There’s never been a day, that I went to steal that I did not get what I went to do,” Payne said in a trailer for a documentary about her life.

Payne is also the subject of an upcoming movie, set to star Halle Berry.

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