New Ordinance Cracking Down On Adult Establishments


A new ordinance is cracking down on adult establishments like strip clubs and sex toy shops in Gwinnett County.
For the first time in 15 years, Gwinnett County is overhauling their rules when it comes to adult establishments.
“I think they are changing the rules to suit themselves. We’ve existed here for quite some time, they are suddenly passing laws to try to get us out,” said Michael Morrison, who owns Tokyo Valentino, on Pleasant Hill Road in Gwinnett County.
The biggest change, under the new ordinance, is that adult establishments will no longer be able to open up in commercial areas, instead they must stay in strictly industrially zoned areas, which are much less visible to the public.
“Right now they are saying we are a sexual paraphernalia shop and we are simply a shop that sells some marital aids,” Morrison said.
The new ordinance also places restrictions on how close semi-nude dancers can get to patrons, and on video viewing booths
An attorney hired by the county explained during Tuesday’s board meeting why the establishments could have adverse affects on the community, including crime and property value concerns.
Resident Brandon Matthews believes the shops should open up anywhere they want.
“You have different types of people, everybody likes different things,” Matthews said.
Others believe the county made a wise choice.
Current establishments have a 90-day grace period,then they must reapply for a license under the new requirements.


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