Neighbor Opens Fire On Family In Their Backyard


GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A Gwinnett County man says a neighbor opened fire on him and his children in their own backyard.
“I ran and fell down right here and he was still shooting,” Eric Cotto said. “My kids were standing right there crying hysterically.”
Channel 2’s Tony Thomas reports this began as a disagreement between Cotto and his ex’s new boyfriend, Christopher Anderson.
The two were arguing over who would take the kids to school, then one began insulting the other man’s mother and things exploded.
No one was hit during the shooting, but the victim’s brother pointed out bullet holes in sheet metal piled up in the backyard.
According to an arrest warrant, a Gwinnett County police officer told a judge Anderson used a 9mm semi-automatic handgun to fire several rounds at Cotto.
Cotto says he’s worried Anderson is still on the loose.
Cotto and his brother say they are focused on calming the two kids who witnessed the shooting.
For now, Cotto looks out over his backyard wondering where Anderson is. He hopes to get a call from police letting him know Anderson is in custody.
Cotto admits things have been heated between him and Anderson before.


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