VIDEO: Mom Goes Nuts Over New Chewbacca Mask


Payne could hardly contain her excitement after buying the Chewbacca mask from Kohl’s for herself as part of her “birthday joy.”
“I’d like to say that I bought this for my son…but at the end of the day IT’S MINE and I’m gonna keep it for my own,” Payne said.

She added that she would let her kids play with it even though it was hers.

“I’m not a bad mom, I’m not a jerk, but at the end of the day it doesn’t go in their toy box, it goes in my room.”

She did the unboxing outside of the store.

“I’m in a parking lot and people are literally looking at me like crazy and I don’t even care,” said Payne, who was so excited to share this moment with her “friends on the internet webs.”

And when she did finally put on the mask her joy knew no bounds.

She just could not stop laughing. And laughing. And laughing.

“Everyone should have a mask like this and a mirror,” Payne wrote on Facebook. “Hahahahaha. The most joyful wookie ever!!!!”


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