Manager attacked at Kids Planet in Jonesboro


CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A brawl in one of the last places you would expect, a children’s party center. The owner and manager of Kids Planet in Clayton County say a family attacked them.

The manager says the family paid for an hour, but claims they were not ready to leave. They exchanged words, then it turned physical in front of families, dozens of children and the cameras.

Owner Akira Eisland-Sharp says, “It was an all-out brawl in there.”
Sharp says her sister, the manager at Kids Planet in Jonesboro, found herself surrounded by customers and suddenly attacked Saturday.
Sharp alleges the group attacked her manager, because they didn’t want to leave the party room.
“Just because someone’s time is up in a room,” Sharp said. “They only paid for an hour, and you’re upset. I don’t understand this.”
Video shows children were just steps away from the scuffle.

“I’m violated. They’re on me for no reason,” manager Enjoli Curry said. “I have not disrespected anyone. I’m just doing my job.”
Video captured a woman holding a baby involved in the fight.

The business has been closed ever since the attack. Sharp says someone vandalized the bounce houses and slashed the rides in the toddler area.
Employee Tamika Johnson says she discovered the damage after a young lady reported it to her.
“She said, ‘Ma’am they wrote some curse words on the bounce houses in the back'” Johnson said. “She said it looked like someone took some scissors to it.”

Sharp wants the attack taken seriously by law enforcement.
“Clayton County saw the video and chose not to do anything and this is the third time that I have called and nothing was done,” Sharp said.
“You can assault someone in front of hundreds of kids and you’re going to go home. That’s my problem,” said Curry.

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