VIDEO: Man Knocked Out With a Thunderous Punch To The Jaw


In true frat bro fashion, these guys get in a fight outside of a bar. It seems the fella on the left in the hat instigated it, and when the other guy tells him to f— off, bro #1 cant take the disrespect and knocks bro #2 out in one punch. Because…college.

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  1. HappyJack 29 October, 2015 at 11:36 Reply

    The punchee isn’t a bro, he’s a hipster douche who thinks he can say whatever he wants to anyone, and the other dude is a frat bro douche who was the kid who tripped the brainy kids at lunch in middle school so they spilled their food. I would also classify this as a sucker punch. The hipster had his hands in his pockets. If frat bro is going to react like that to a “f* off” I hate to see what will happen when he is REALLY insulted. I see a few battery arrests in this dude’s future.

  2. That Sob dude 29 October, 2015 at 12:02 Reply

    The dude that bowed him isn’t a fraternity guy. If he was a fraternity dude there would have been 10 guys beating up the hipster. The dude and his friends don’t even look like they went to college. Either way they both come off as dbags.

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