Man Accused Of Attacking Deputy With Fire Extinguisher Remains On The Run


TEMPLE, Ga. — An intense search continues in Carroll County for a man accused of trying to set his wife’s clothes on fire and attacking a deputy with a fire extinguisher.

Relatives of the suspect told Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt that the search is overkill.
Jenna Black hopes her father, Barry Black, comes out of this alive.

The long-time military veteran, now in his 60s, eluded dozens of heavily armed searchers after a domestic incident at his rural home went bad.
“I’m worried that if he’s cornered he might do something stupid because he said he would rather go out dead than have someone catch him,” Jenna Black told Cavitt. “I hope they don’t kill him if they do find him.”
“It’s not like anyone was shot or anything like that, and they confiscated over 20 of my weapons,” William Black Jr., the son of the elder Black, said.

Black’s son believes the searchers are worried because of his father’s military background, but says his father is now a diabetic, disabled and has other health issues, making the daylong search effort overkill.

“It kind of angers me. This is America. You know, this is not supposed to be a police state.” William Black Jr. said.
The incident started around 10 a.m. Tuesday when Carroll County deputies arrived to help Black’s estranged wife get her stuff out of the house.
“He said he wasn’t coming out. He went to the back of the residence,” said Chief Deputy Brad Robinson.
Deputies say Black then tried to torch his wife’s clothes and attacked a deputy with a fire extinguisher before being shocked with a stun gun and running off.

They believe he might be armed with a handgun.
“He obviously didn’t want her to get her belongings. I mean, these things go from zero to 60 just that quick,” Robinson said.
“I love you and hope you come home,” said Jenna Black.

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