Legendary Chattahoochee Alligator Finally Caught On Video


ATLANTA, GA (WXIA) — There has been an on-going search in and around the Chattahoochee River for a big, elusive aquatic reptile for more than a decade.

Now, for the first time in two or three years, there are huge (and scaly) leads in the case. The Chattahoochee alligator, first spotted in the area in 2005, has re-emerged — and there’s video proof.

“Years ago, I heard this legend that he was in the Chattahoochee,” said jogger Karen Armstrong, who got to see the gator first hand.

Images of the alligator were taken on Wednesday, March 9, by Cobb County nature photographer Victor Webb. The photos show the gator, estimated to be between 8-and-10-feet in length, on the banks of the river in the swampy area near Cochran Shoals Park, not far from Interstate 285.

Wildlife officials say as long as the gator leaves people alone, they’ll leave it alone.

“Our desire is to move the alligator to its natural habitat, south of Georgia’s fall line, and away from dense, human population, said John Bowers, of DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division, adding that the further south, the better it will be for the gator. “It seems to be doing well. But it is well outside of its range. We want to work with the National Park Service on this and come up with a plan to move it.”

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