Katt Williams is on a Bonnie and Clyde style crime spree … if you believe the 5 women who’ve now come forward claiming he and his crew held them at gunpoint.
The women say they ran into Katt and his 15-person entourage Sunday morning at 2:30 in downtown Atlanta. They say they noticed the comedian and asked for a photo, but when Williams noticed one of them was recording video … he allegedly lost it.
The women say he punched one of them — which started an all out brawl, until Williams took out a gun and pointed it at them. They claim he and his entourage took all their phones. One woman says she managed to grab a phone from their car … and dialed 911.
When cops arrived Katt told officers a different story. He claims the women were harassing him, and one of them tried to snatch a chain from his neck … and that’s when he punched in self-defense. He does admit taking out a gun, but only because he heard one of the women mention a gun.
In the end, police made no arrests because there were no independent witnesses and no injuries — but they are continuing to investigate.
As we’ve reported … Katt was arrested the next day in an Atlanta suburb for allegedly punching an employee in a pool supply store.
The 5 women have lawyered up.

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