Jolt Cola Is Coming Back Baby!


Welcome to 2017, where original ideas are apparently for suckers and reproducing old ideas from decades ago is the modus operandi. Let’s see what movies from yesteryear were remade, rebooted, and regurgitated in 2017: “Jumanji,” “Death Wish,” “Flatliners,” “The Mummy,” “Power Rangers,” and “Beauty and the Beast,” just to name a few. But it just isn’t Hollywood that is looking back to the past to reincarnate bygone notions. Even beverage companies are warping back in time and bringing back previously dead products. The 90s lip-puckering malt beverage of choice, Zima, was already brought back from the dead this past summer and Crystal Pepsi was rejuvenated two years ago. And now Jolt Cola, one of the darlings of the golden era of soda back in the 80s, is making a comeback.


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