Interview with Jim Chambers, Gym Owner Who Refuses To Allow Police and Military


An east Atlanta gym is receiving backlash after the owner posted a sign on the window prohibiting police officers and military members from obtaining a membership.

The sign gained attention when a former service member saw it on the window of EAV Barbell Club with profanity, and reported it to media outlets.

The owner of the gym, Jim Chambers, claims the policy was put in place because the minority population he serves are uncomfortable in the presence of law enforcement.

Chambers claims this policy has been in place since the gym opened.

The self-proclaimed political activist told media outlets he wants to abolish policing completely.

Chambers plans to replace the sign without profanity.

He believes the gym has never needed the help of law enforcement and never will.

Local officials have made it clear this behavior will not stop them from responding to potential emergencies should they occur.

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  1. Howard j 24 August, 2017 at 20:28 Reply

    Great interview! Too bad the intelligence level of the interviewers derailed the conversation into a redundant pie throwing contest

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