“I was scared to death.” Utah nurse “feels betrayed” after being put in handcuffs


The Utah nurse arrested when she refused to let police officers draw blood from an unconscious crash victim is considering legal action after the frightening encounter that lit up social media and provoked widespread outrage.

But Alex Wubbels — whose July 26 arrest, caught on body camera video, prompted apologies from Salt Lake City’s mayor and police — says she is now focused on forging better working ties between police and health care workers. The nurse and her attorney Karra Porter appeared on CNN’s “New Day” on Monday and discussed the confrontation and their options.

“Right now, I’m trying to re-educate. As officers and health care workers, we have to work together on behalf of our citizens, our friends, the people we live with,” Wubbels said. “If we’re going to have that dialogue and teamwork and camaraderie, we have to come to the table and have appropriate dialogue.”

Porter said there is a possibility of filing a lawsuit “if that becomes necessary” and cited several parties who could be involved: “the city, the officers, the university police, you know, there are quite a few.”

But, she said, “I think we’re going to give everyone involved an opportunity to do the right thing without having to be dragged into court to do it.”


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