Gwinnett Co. Police Investigating Possible Shots Fired At Officer


LAWRENCEVILLE, GA. – Gwinnett County Police are investigating after an officer believes three shots were fired at him while he was sitting in his patrol car.

On July 18, the officer was parked on the side of Hwy. 316 under the Sugarloaf Bridge. He was on the phone speaking with a robbery victim when a car pulled up next to him. He heard “3 loud pops”.

According to the incident report obtained by 11Alive News, the officer said he recognized the sounds as gunshots. “Realizing what had happened, I hung up the phone and drove to East Precinct to examine my patrol car,” the officer wrote in the report.

He found no damage. When he returned to the site, he found no shell casings. But he did find a witness.

The driver of a broken down vehicle was parked directly across from the patrol car on Hwy. 316. The officer asked him about any noises he heard in the last five minutes. “The driver stated that he heard what he believed to be three gunshots,” according to the report.

The witness said he thought the shots came from a small passenger car, possibly red in color. The officer wasn’t able to see any additional details before the car drove off, traveling westbound on Hwy. 316 towards Lawrenceville.

A spokesperson for Gwinnett County Police tells 11Alive’s Valerie Hoff department policy already calls for officers to double up when responding to certain calls, and they have no plans to change any protocols. The Atlanta Police Department announced their policy changes earlier this week.

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