GunTV, A Firearms Home Shopping Channel, Launches In January


GunTV, a new firearms home shopping channel, is set to launch in early 2016. The channel – presented by the Social Responsibility Network – has partnered with Louisiana firearms distributor Sports South, “the country’s oldest and largest single-source distributor of firearms and ammunition.”

“The team at GunTV has an extensive background in television shopping networks, a well-established method of reaching consumers that has been absent from the shooting sports industry,” Sports South president Tripper Dickson said in a statement posted on the GunTV site. “Sports South is delighted to help GunTV bring this innovative concept to our industry and our strong network of retail dealers. We believe this platform has great potential to generate excitement and sales while sending the right message to a broader audience.”

After customers place orders, Sports South ships the merchandise to a gun store in their area, where the transaction is handled after a background check, like other gun purchases.

The 24-hour channel will offer programming on topics such as firearm safety but will focus on sales of weapons, ammunition and accessories.

“The volume of product that can potentially be sold through the GunTV Live Shopping format requires a well oiled operation,” Valerie Castle, Co-founder of GunTV, said in a statement. “Sports South’s inventory, warehouse and distribution operation gives GunTV the platform it needs for the high sales volume we expect to generate.”

The project has been coming together for some time and its media kit actually had projected a late 2015 launch. It’s now set for January, and will kick off with programming stressing firearms safety.

“GunTV will engage America’s 85+ million outdoors men and women and owners of more than 270 million guns in the USA with world class television shopping content, broad se- lection of firearms and related consumer goods, original programming, gun safety, personal security and self defense education,” its online media kit said.


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