Graphic Language: Woman Tells Deputy ‘No Wonder You People Get Shot’


PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (RNN) – A woman offered a heated response when ticketed for driving more than 30 miles per hour faster than the speed limit.

A video posted Wednesday morning to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page shows a deputy stopping a driver in a school zone Sept. 1. According to the video, the woman was driving 51 mph, more than twice the legal limit of 20 mph.

The video cuts away and then shows the deputy coming back to the car with a ticket, attempting to offer an explanation of her legal options.

The woman cut the law enforcement officer off with a rude retort.

“You know what? No wonder you people get shot. You’re absolute [expletive],” the woman said.

The deputy said, “Thank you, ma’am,” and told her to have a nice day and drive safely. He then walked back to his patrol vehicle.

She then continued to yell something inaudible while he was entering his car.

Within hours, more than 260,000 people saw the video on Facebook, and it elicited several hundred comments.

“I am sure anyone who takes a child to school is happy to see people like her get a ticket,” Facebook user Courtney Watts-Moreno wrote. “Imagine your child having to cross a road or walk to school with people driving like this.”

Penalties for speeding in Palm Beach County school zones can include driver’s license demerits and a fine of more than $450.


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