Georgia’s Largest School District Prepares For First Day


GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Over 176,000 Gwinnett County students are preparing to head back to school Monday, and many of them will encounter major changes.

Inside the walls of an old tire factory in Lawrenceville, the hallways shine, the lights are bright, a fresh start is afoot.

“I’m most excited about the educational opportunities this is going to provide for young people,” said John Campbell, Principal at Discovery High School.

John Campbell and his staff will lead the way at the brand new Discovery High School.

It’s one of four new schools that will open in Gwinnett County first thing Monday morning.

“We’re trying to get these kids ready for what’s next, whether that’s college, whether that’s going into the workforce, we’re trying to get them ready,” added Campbell.

They will overcome first day jitters with a Discovery 101 course.

Students will learn their way around then they’ll turn their attention to what really matters.

Like a unique entrepreneurial program for the future innovators and business leaders of America.

“We don’t teach kids about entrepreneurship we teach kids and we build entrepreneurs,” said Scott Allen, Entrepreneurship teacher.

Straight out of Shark Tank or Google headquarters the teachers in this program will teach the basics, like language arts, but it’ll be practical, it’ll make sense.

“It’s not just reading novels it’s expressing yourself being able to get your passion out there and being able to communicate to an audience which potentially for entrepreneurs is buying a product or a service,” said Lindsey Brouillard, language arts teacher.

As the educational experience evolves so does Gwinnett County Schools.

“It is very exciting because you’re building a new school and you’re bringing together a community,” said Sloan Roach, Gwinnett County Schools.

1,400 new teachers, 3,000 new students, four new schools, many new challenges ahead for the state’s largest school district.

Gwinnett County will also vote on a tax this November that would allow Gwinnet County Schools to build more new school buildings in the near future.


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