Georgia keeps inmates in prison, despite DNA results that could clear them


Georgia’s justice system is failing and innocent people are paying the price, says a former legislator who crafted the state’s DNA statute.

“It’s beyond frustrating. It’s a tragedy,” Stephanie Stuckey Benfield told Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Jodie Fleischer.

The law allows inmates to get old evidence tested for DNA years after their conviction, in hopes of finding the truth. But a new trial to then prove their innocence is not guaranteed.

Sonny Bharadia is serving life in prison for a burglary and sexual assault in south Georgia, even though DNA evidence points to a different suspect. Plus, two witnesses say they are certain he was in Atlanta at the time of the crime.

“I’m, like, 100 percent sure that if it happened that weekend that he couldn’t have done it,” said Kisha Pitts.

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