Georgia Dome Implosion: What You Need To Know


On Monday, November 20th, the Georgia Dome will be imploded at 7:30AM.

  • There will be NO public viewing areas for the implosion and traffic will be detoured out of viewable range of the implosion.
  • People will be encouraged to watch the demolition via live streams on the Atlanta Falcons Facebook page and Atlanta United Facebook page as well as beginning at 7am EST.
  • There will be a restricted exclusion zone as defined in the picture below. No one will be allowed to be inside of this perimeter beginning at 5:30AM until approximately 11:30AM.
  • Please note that dust clouds should be expected after the immediate implosion of the building.
  • Marta rail services on the West Blue/Green lines will be suspended from 2AM until approximately 10AM.
  • The Philips, Vine City, Ashby, West Lake, H.E. Holmes and Bankhead stations will be closed.
  • Marta bus routes in this area will be rerouted from 5:15AM until approximately 2PM. Marta bus bridges will be set up for the Green Line, Blue Line and a Purple express from H.E. Holmes all connecting to the Five Points station. Please visit for updates.

To facilitate this process, the following streets will be closed between 5AM to 11:30AM.

  • Andrew Young International Blvd, from Phillips Dr., to Centennial Pkwy NW
  • Phillips Dr. from Centennial Pkwy NW to Andrew Young International Blvd NW
  • Magnum St NW from MLK Jr Dr. to Marietta St NW
  • Northside Dr. from MLK Dr. NW to Joseph E Boone Blvd NW
  • Maple St NW from MLK Dr. NW to Northside Dr. NW
  • Electric Ave NW from Maple St NW to Spencer St NW
  • Postell St NW from Maple St NW to Rhodes St NW
  • Rhodes St NW from Electric Ave NW to Northside Dr. NW
  • Magnolia St NW from Electric St NW to Northside Dr. NW
  • Thurmond St NW from Electric Ave NW to Northside DR NW

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