Forced by Law to Wrestle Girls, Transgender Boy Wins State Title Second Year in a Row


For the second year in a row, 18-year-old Texas high school senior Mack Beggs won a girls’ state wrestling title even though he is a transgender man. His victory in the Class 6A 110-pound division on Saturday elicited mixed reactions. The booing got rather loud, though as seen on video, a few people made it a point to stand and cheer for him. State law puts Beggs in an awkward position. The University Interscholastic League requires student-athletes to participate under the sex noted on their birth certificate. In his case, it describes him as a girl, even though he started making the transition from female to male in freshman year. This process involves taking testosterone, which actually isn’t prohibited by authorities because in his case, it is doctor-proscribed for a medical purpose.


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