Florida Man Shot Himself In The Penis And Now He Could Go To Jail


Think you’re having a bad day? At least you’re not this gentleman. A Florida man accidentally shot himself in the penis. Ouch. The unfortunate fuck sat down in his Nissan Altima and then his gun went off and he shot himself in the dick on Friday. The 38-year-old man ran into his girlfriend’s house after the gun discharged and sprinted to the bathroom as one tends to do when they shoot themselves in the cock. The girlfriend drove him to Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida where he underwent surgery. The poor fella shot his load.

You’d surmise that being shot in the dick would be enough punishment, but there could be an insult to cock injury. The dickless man is facing charges for possessing a firearm because he is a convicted felon. The man was convicted of cocaine possession in 2004.


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