Extremely Graphic Video Shows the Moment a Dallas Sniper Kills Officers at Point Blank Range


Fox News aired footage of the moment that one of the Dallas snipers engaged with a victim, firing at point blank range after emerging from a pillar outside an office building.

The footage comes from the perspective of an onlooker who was nearby, looking down at the situation as it unfolded. “This could be graphic video,” warns the Dallas KDFW anchor as the clip began to roll.

WARNING: This unedited video is extremely graphic and may be inappropriate to some viewers.

Tragically, one of the anchors remarks that the victim was likely “unaware” that the shooter was so close at the moment in question.

Eleven police officers were hit by gunfire this evening in the city of Dallas from two snipers who were perched to take aim at law enforcement, resulting in four deaths after an otherwise peaceful protest in the wake of the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile deaths earlier this week. Around 9 a.m. local time Thursday, gunfire rang out, sending crowds of rally-goers immediately scrambling through the streets.

At this hour, it is believed that both suspects are now in custoday.

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