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On Saturday, August 4th our family member, Eric Manias, was a victim of a home invasion at his apartment in New Albany, OH where he was beaten and shot twice. He found the strength to be able to call 911 while laying alone on his apartment floor. He was transported to Grant Hospital in critical condition after being badly beaten, two gunshot wounds, one to the abdomen and another to left arm. He also suffered a fractured jaw and arm, broken hip, and numerous cuts and bruises.

Eric was taken to the Grant Medical Hospital ICU via the Life Flight Team, and then moved to the CCU due to having previous cardiac related issues. He is surviving there comfortably with his family by his side; his Father Emmanuel Manias, Mother Cynthia Manias, Sister Alexis Manias (34), twin brother Alex Manias (24), as well as other immediate family that urgently rushed to be by his side.

Eric Manias is no stranger to hospital rooms or being in critical condition as he was born with pulmonary atresia, a heart disease in which the pulmonary valve — which regulates blood flow into one side of the heart — is not properly formed. Despite having three open-heart surgeries shortly after his birth and a bout with hemolytic anemia in high school, Eric would say he has led a fairly normal life, including heavily competing on the NAHS high school wrestling team.

The Manias family would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and prayers! Eric has a long road to recovery, and will need help with the extensive hospital bills, moving him to a new apartment. To help ease the burden of this, we have set an initial goal of $10,000 to help him.


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